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All of my projects and own works — from 2D/3D Art to Games and possibly something else. Here I will highlight the process of their creation in details.

New 3D Model in Image Gallery! SCAR-L Assault Rifle with FN40GL

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SCAR-L ThumbshotHooray! After the long-long time I have something interesting to show again. Finally I've made a new 3D model! Let me introduce you a SCA R-L Assault Rifle with FN40GL grenade launcher, flashlight and reflex sight, often referred as "red dot" sight. Well, all the details about this model are in Image Gallery, so I will not repeat myself and just encourage you to visit following page to view additional images and read some description.

3DG.Me on Facebook —Stay Connected with Us!

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Facebook logoHey, guys! I'd like to share some good news — now we have enough fans on our Facebook page to get nice and short URL for our page. Thanks to all who liked this blog, there it is — our page available at !
Easy to remember, easy to tell a friend, easy to shareballoon  Don't forget to Like our page to stay in touch and get informed about newest articles and blog posts in Facebook. Hope you enjoyed your reading and we will get more fans and readers soon.

Sincerly, Treidge, blog author. smile

New Milestone in 3DG.Me History — We Have 1000 Visitors Per Day!

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1000 visitors per day for 3DG.MeGood news, everyone! Even sooner than expected our 3DG.Me blog achieved first milestone in its history and development — now we have more than a thousand visitors per day from all over the world! Thus in less than a year of blog existence we reached pretty impressive ( at least for me ) mark, and now I hope that it was just the beginning and we will reach next milestone in 2000 visitors before the New Year. Let me congratulate our pretty blog and our readers with this achievement and wish them both good years of health. I hope that now we will grow even faster  and get many new readers, that can find 3DG.Me as interesting and helpful place to visit.

Project in 3D "Chests" - 1. Beginning. References and Plan

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Treasure ChestsThis post will be the starting one for my new project in 3D, which is aimed at creation of seven treasure chests game models that will be included into single set and put on sale in online 3D content market places, such as Unity Asset Store ( this is main target ) and possibly other ones. Process of their creation will include modeling and texturing in Maya, Mudbox and Photoshop, and I will post reports in my blog about how the work going, what hopefully will be interesting to my readers and will help me to keep my own motivation level.

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