New 3D Model in Image Gallery! SCAR-L Assault Rifle with FN40GL

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Hooray! After the long-long time I have something interesting to show again. Finally I've made a new 3D model! Let me introduce you a SCAR-L Assault Rifle with FN40GL grenade launcher, flashlight and reflex sight, often referred as "red dot" sight. Well, all the details about this model are in Image Gallery, so I will not repeat myself and just encourage you to visit following page to see additional images and read some description.

Image Gallery page for this model has a small poll that I conduct to collect readers thoughts on if they would like to see a tutorial made for this model, covering some aspects of its creation, or even complete tutorial from start to finish. Decision on if I will make such tutorial or not highly depends on readers activity, so if you're interested — feel free to drop a comment here or in Image Gallery page, and I will start thinking about tutorial.

And there is our hero:


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