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Drupal 7 released! Update for popular CMS

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Drupal LogoAfter almost a three years of intense development major update for CMS Drupal, which get number 7, is finally released to general public. By community growth and Drupal getting more and more popular developers managed to make it even better, introducing new version as more user-friendly CMS: accessibility, usability and design is seriously enhanced in Drupal 7.
Previously many users and site administrators complaint that Drupal is too confusing and hard to deal with from the side of daily usage and management, so major accent in this release was made on administrative interface improvement —  with new features, such as Admin Bar, Drupal will be more accessible and friendly even for beginner users.

Alternative CAPTCHA for Drupal

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Spam signIf you're reading this text — most likely you have come to need of usage alternative to CAPTCHA spam protection solutions ( why classic CAPTCHA module for Drupal is not the best solution — read in Drupal caching incompatible with CAPTCHA ).

By combining functionality of some alternative Drupal modules it's possible to create pretty strong defense against spam, and furthermore — this modules will work unnoticed to visitors and don't require from them any actions, thus usability of your website goes higher.

Drupal Caching Incompatible with CAPTCHA

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Drupal cacheAttention, Drupal users — you may be unaware of this, but there it is: CAPTCHA module is incompatible with Drupal built-in caching mechanism! All related and dependent on CAPTCHA modules affected by this issue aswell. This seems logical, because each site visitor requires unique CAPTCHA challenge, which can be served only if this page isn't cached ( because if it is — all users will receive same challenge and thus it can't function properly ). Yet it was pretty hard to find this information previously, so many people still don't know about this. Read the details next.

CAPTCHA for Drupal: Anti-spam Protection and Usability

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Spam SignSo, you have done a great work and created own website on Drupal. Great! Seems like it's the best time to get on the back of your chair and live quiet and happy life like a proud owner of the very own Internet corner. Well, that's not the case — actually supporting, protecting and further development of website can take a lot of time and effort, while at the same time it's pretty important task that can't be undervalued. 

One of the worst Drupal webmaster enemy is the spam bots — this little guys can turn any unprotected website into spammed trash heap. Learn from this article how to protect fresh Drupal installation against spam with CAPTCHA

Top Drupal Modules for Every Website

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Drupal LogoWebsites, based on Drupal, could be very different — ranging from simple blogs to complex communities or social networking sites. For every website type suitable it's own specific modules, which implements needed functionality.

But, there is some areas, where every site can use same modules, independent from it's type — for example, performance and SEO. From very wide variety of Drupal modules is possible to pick out few of them, which is intended to solve such kind of common for every site tasks. This modules could be recommended for everyone, and we will talk about them next.
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