Get Free Unity Android Basic & iOS Basic License Before April 8th, 2012

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Good news, everyone! Just a few days ago ended up a special offer from Daz3D, where you could obtain free licenses for Bryce 7, Hexagon 2.5 and Daz Studio 4, and now Unity Technologies makes an even more impressive offer, blowing up news feeds from all gamedev-related websites  — until April 8th you can get a license for Unity Android Basic and Unity iOS Basic completely free of charge!

Many developers still remember how almost two and a half years ago Unity Indie, a basic edition of Unity engine priced at $200, become free, and how that event affected gamedev community. That was a right decision, as we can see from the perspective, because now Unity 3d is one of the most popular and acknowledged game engines out there. For a while since then more advanced developers were offered by Unity Pro license with $1500 price tag and extended features list. As the engine progressed in its development and new platforms gained Unity support, new licenses appeared — Android Basic and iOS Basic for $400 each, and Android Pro and iOS Pro for $1500 each. Thus, if you wanted to develop games for Android and iOS using free edition of Unity, you still needed to spend $800 to obtain Basic licenses for those platforms.

Now until the April 8th anyone can get a free Unity + Android Basic + iOS Basic license, which will save you up to $800. Game developers community is offered by free and powerful tool suitable for PC, Mac, Android & iOS platforms development — of course, if you managed to get free license in time. Although I personally have suspicion that this is a well-planned promotional action, and somewhere near the April 8th they will announce that those licenses will be free at permanent basis. We'll see... smile2


To get your free license go to Unity Online Store at, select the Unity Free version in left column, add to selection licenses for Android and iOS, marked for now with "FREE until April 8th", add all those to cart by corresponding button at the bottom of the page, and made a checkout, filling required fields in the form.

After the "purchase" you will get your serial number to an email, provided during registration. Use this serial to activate your Unity and that's it — now you have Unity with support for Android and iOS publishing. If you ever had plans to try yourself in development for Android or iOS — this is a perfect time to begin.

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