New Milestone in 3DG.Me History — We Have 1000 Visitors Per Day!

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birthday_cake_big.pngGood news, everyone! Even sooner than expected our 3DG.Me blog achieved first milestone in his history and development — now we have more than a thousand visitors per day from all over the world! Thus in less than a year of blog existence  we reached pretty impressive ( at least for me ) mark, and now I hope that it was just the beginning and we will reach next milestone in 2000 visitors before the New Year.

Let me congratulate our pretty blog and our readers with this achievement and wish them both good years of health. I hope that we will grow even faster than in this year and get many new visitors that will leave comments, participate in forum discussions and will place links to 3DG.Me on other websites  naughty. After all, as it is known — the more back links gets particular website, the more authoritative it looks in the eyes of search systems like Google, thus its ranking in search engine results goes higher and website gets more visitors.

It's worth to mention that best form of gratitude to an author for interesting or helpful article is the comment, leaved for it, sharing it with social networks buttons like Twitter/Facebook/etc., that located just at the end of each article, and, of course, citing of blog content on the other websites with placing back links to corresponding 3DG.Me pages. For example, many forum-type websites powered by activity of its users, which forms an community that creates many new content, thus attracts new visitors from search engines. Community is the most important part of such websites. I'd really like to create such a friendly community around 3DG.Me blog and make it better place to be together with our readers.

So, share what you're like from our blog in Twitter and other places, use +1 button from Google, place back links to 3DG.Me — it's all will be your token of involvement in making this blog bigger and even more interesting, while I am personally will try to write as much interesting and useful articles as I can. Actually there is many many plans and materials that are waiting to be written and published, and the higher goes numbers of visits — the more motivation I get to do so sooner. Our next milestone — to reach 2000 of visitors till the end of this year. I strongly believe that this is possible by our jointed efforts. Long live 3DG.Me! balloon
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