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Get Free Unity Android Basic & iOS Basic License Before April 8th, 2012

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Good news, everyone! Just a few days ago ended up a special offer from Daz3D, where you could obtain free licenses for Bryce 7, Hexagon 2.5 and Daz Studio 4, and now Unity Technologies makes an even more impressive offer, blowing up news feeds from all gamedev-related websites  — until April 8th you can get a license for Unity Android Basic and Unity iOS Basic completely free of charge!

Unity 3.2 Released - Popular Game Engine Update

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Unity LogoUnity 3d, a popular game engine and game development tool, recently was updated to version 3.2. In new version some Image Effects was enhanced, and Water prefab was upgraded — now it supports waves, automatic foam generation and more. Also big piece of work was done on mobile platforms performance and optimizations, including some new special shaders. Of course, numerous bugs was fixed in this release.

Unity 3.1 and Asset Store Launched at Unite 2010

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Unity LogoAt Unite 2010 conference, which takes place in Montreal, Canada, updated version of Unity 3 game engine was presented, marked as Unity 3.1. This update includes some bug fixes and improvements, but main feature of 3.1 release become embedded into editor online asset market — Unity Asset Store.

Unity 3 Released

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Unity LogoAfter relatively long beta-testing a very promising game engine Unity 3 is finally released to general public. In this new version engine was significantly improved, receiving many enhancements and new features, thus become even better and promising. With no doubt, Unity now is one of the best game engines for wide variety of game developers, genres and platforms.

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