Game Engines: NeoAxis Engine

NeoAxis is a modern all-purpose 3D engine, suitable for game development, interactive visualizations and simulations.

NeoAxis Engine 1.1 — Technical Details and Feature Descriptions

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NeoAxis LogoThis article is intended to provide an additional information about new features and give a little deeper insight into relevant technologies. If you are interested in game development and game engines — I highly encourage you to read the rest of the article, pretty sure that anyone will find something new and interesting in it.

NeoAxis Game Engine Updated to Version 1.1 — New Features and Demos

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Логотип NeoAxisNeoAxis Game Engine was updated to version 1.1 ! Since I contributed to this release, I'd like to share detailed description about it and some other cool stuff with my readers. Also I would mention that NeoAxis 1.1 is a pretty impressive and feature-rich release — don't miss it if you're a game developer or have interest in game engines.

NeoAxis + Awesomium = Web Browser Inside Game Engine

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NeoAxis LogoNeoAxis Group reports about another achievment in development of its all-purpose 3D engine that few months before finally reached version 1.0NeoAxis Engine now can be tightly integrated with Awesomium, a windowless framework for embedding web pages inside your applications.

NeoAxis Game Engine Reached Version 1.0

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NeoAxis Engine LogoHooray, comrades! Long awaited release of NeoAxis Engine 1.0 just recently took place, so now this game engine can be officially considered full-grown and definitely worthy to be looked at as the engine for your next game project.
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