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«Learning ShiVa3D Game Development» book coverThis story isn't really about Unity. It's about ShiVa3D game engine and mobile game development with «Learning ShiVa3D Game Development» book. But...

Have you ever heard of Unity 3D game engine? Most likely you did. Presently this game engine is one of the most recognizable development tools out there. Unity 3D is known by almost everyone who in one way or another is related to game development, while it may be unknown to those who was absent from this planet for the last three or four years or so.

But this story isn't about Unity. Have you heard of ShiVa3D engine? Most likely many of you didn't. Yet ShiVa3D is very likely the only one engine that has much in similar with Unity and that often is compared to Unity directly. With this article I'd like to bring to your attention this game engine as an alternative to Unity. It really has something to offer. 

Take a look at «Learning ShiVa3D Game Development», which is one of a very few books available for ShiVa3D. This book was written by Wade Tracy and published in November, 2012. On 166 pages this book will teach you how to make a small game for Android platform using ShiVa3D. Excerpt from the publisher's description:

"Learning ShiVa3D Game Development" is a simple, hands-on guide to the key features of the ShiVa3D game engine that will enable you to get up and running with your mobile game ideas. Learning ShiVa3D Game Development will make it possible to easily develop your game once, but publish it to most of the popular mobile platforms.

This book specifically targets the key features of ShiVa3D that will enable you to create games quickly. It will take you through designing game components in the editor and provide detailed explanations for every line of scripting used.

You’ll look at how the modular nature of the editor allows you to do everything from scripting, to complex physics interactions, to special effects with only a few adjustments to pre-configured settings. We will see how to deal with input from the keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen as well as how to add sound effects and music to a game. You will get to actually play your game as you learn to deploy a game to an Android phone. If you are looking for a way to make your game ideas a reality, then this is the book for you.

This table of contents will help you to get the general idea of what is this book about:

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Getting Started
  • Chapter 2: Editor Fundamentals
  • Chapter 3: Behaviors and Scripting
  • Chapter 4: Physics and the Environment
  • Chapter 5: Lighting and Special Effects
  • Chapter 6: Menus and Overlays
  • Chapter 7: Deploying to a Device
  • Appendix A: Editor Hotkeys
  • Appendix B: Additional Resources

More information about this book available on a Packt Publishing website: Learning ShiVa3D Game Development

You can buy this book though PacktPub website (link above), or by ordering it from Learning ShiVa3D Game Development

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