Genetica 4.0 Announced — Update for Seamless Texture and Effects Editor

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Spiral Graphics, Inc. announced a new version of its Genetica seamless texture and effects editor. The previous version, Genetica 3.6, was released more than a year ago and was covered in details in "Genetica 3.6 — Seamless and Animated Textures, HDRI Maps Editor" article.

Update: Genetica 4.0 released, read the overview of new tools and features in the following article:

So, what was reported for the Genetica 4.0 by the developer?

Adjusters for Streamlined Editing and Tweaking

The first and the most notable new feature in Genetica 4.0 is the ability to tweak parameters of the currently edited asset with adjusters. This feature will enable artists to quickly change and evaluate their work without need to worry about nodes. Of course, the old node-based way to do graphics in Genetica will remain available for those who prefers it.

Adjusters in Genetica 4.0 for quick modificationsAdjusters in Genetica 4.0 for quick modifications

Image Filters and Post-Processing Effects

Genetica 4.0 will get a system of image effects and post-processing filters that can be applied to edited images or textures to change their look in a different ways. Users will be able to create custom effects and store them for future use.

Image filters and post-processing effects in Genetica 4.0Image filters and post-processing effects in Genetica 4.0

3D Models Import and Texture Application in Genetica 4.0

A new feature to import 3D models directly inside the Genetica will make it possible to apply created seamless texture to UV-mapped models and preview them in-place. With this users can avoid the need to export textures and load them in third-party 3d software to see how their textures will look on the target model.

3D models import and texture application in Genetica 4.03D models import and texture application in Genetica 4.0

Scripting Language PixelScript for Advanced Users

Advanced users in Genetica 4.0 will be able to use new PixelScript scripting language to create images and effects controlled with program code. This will open a new countless possibilities to create a wide variety of different effects, from fractals to exotic transformations, otherwise unavailable from the Genetica embedded tools and UI.

PixelScript scripting language in Genetica 4.0PixelScript scripting language in Genetica 4.0

New Drawing Tools and New Nodes

Genetica 4.0 will get a number of new drawing tools (pressure-sensitive brush, freeform drawing brush) and nodes for even greater flexibility and creative possibilities.

New drawing tools and new nodes in Genetica 4.0New drawing tools and new nodes in Genetica 4.0

The release of Genetica 4.0 is expected in the first quarter of 2013. Pre-order is already available, offering a 40% discount for both purchases of a new licenses or upgrading existing ones. Pre-purchasers will also get early access to Genetica 4.0 Beta that should be out in a few weeks.

For more information about Genetica and its features see "Genetica 3.6 — Seamless and Animated Textures, HDRI Maps Editor" or visit the Spiral Graphics official website at

I will be keeping tracks on Genetica 4.0 and will post more information as soon as it become available.

Update: Genetica 4.0 released, read the overview of new tools and features in the following article:

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