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Articles about CryEngine 3 SDK — a free for non-commercial usage edition of Crytek's newest and most powerful cross-platform game engine.

CryEngine SDK Sandbox 3 Documentation — Editor Quick Tips

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CryEngine 3 SDK ( Sandbox 3 )Let me introduce you a quick list of useful shortcuts, tips and tricks for recently released CryEngine 3 SDK and its editor — Sandbox 3. While this tips aren't unique and all of them available as "Tip of the day" directly in Sandbox 3 Help menu, I think it's still may be somewhat useful to have them all gathered in one place. Later I will probably update this article with some examples and screenshots.

CryEngine 3 SDK — Requirements, How To Install, Documentation

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CryEngine 3 SDKJust recently CryEngine 3 SDK finally was released, as it was promised by Crytek early this year. CryEngine 3 SDK is a special, free for non-commercial usage, edition of the newest and most powerful Crytek's game engine. This article supposed to be your starter guide to the CE3 SDK, providing useful information on its system requirements, installation procedure and sources of available engine documentation.

CryEngine 3 Free SDK ( Sandbox 3 ) Available for Download

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CryEngine 3 SDK LogoGreat news come from Crytek, best known for their Crysis series first person shooter games — as it was promised before, following the release of free toolset for Crysis 2 modding ( Crysis 2 ModSDK ), long-awaited CryEngine 3 SDK become available for download. CryEngine 3 SDK is a free for non-commercial usage edition of one of the most powerful current-generation game engine that was used for Crysis 2 development.

Crysis 2 Editor ( CryEngine 3 Sandbox ) Available for Download

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CryEngine 3 LogoAnother good news for people interested in game development and modding came from Crysis 2 developers — just recently became known that Valve's Source Engine SDK will be available for free, and now Crytek makes own move and releases Crysis 2 ModSDK — a free set of modification tools for Crysis 2, which uses newest CryEngine 3 game engine. Sandbox 3 Editor ( another name for ModSDK ) already available for download!

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