Sony NGP Release Date - 11 November 2011?

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PSP 2 aka Sony NGPAccordingly to MCV, a United Kingdom portal that covers game industry events, possible release date for NGP in Europe may become 11 November 2011. Unnamed MCV source claims that third-party game developers are told by Sony to finish their launching projects for this console before the end of summer to make it ready for release in autumn.

By the time of NGP announce that took place in January, Sony stated that NGP may be launched in late 2011 in at least one region. However, they didn't specified what will be this region, along with exact release dates. For Sony it's always was Japan that gets first releases as "home" region, so it's clear that many experts was sure that it's will be Japan who first gets NGP.

By the way, accrodingly to MCV message, PSP successor may become first console that was first launched outside of Japan, maybe in Europe. At the same time it's possible that Sony aimed for world-simultaneous NGP launch, but it will be very hard to prepare enough resources for such action. To the point, recently more or less real NGP price assumptions appeared, that were less than expected.

As another reason that make this date highly truthful can be considered date format itself — it is a "beatiful" numbers, 11/11/11. Also there is a point in faster NGP launch, because Sony's new portable platform main rival, Nintendo 3DS, already released and has good saled. Every month of delay will harm Sony and make their delay in the terms even bigger. So, it's highly possible that in Christmas season of sales anyone who desires it will have possibility to make great present for himself or someone else, buying new Sony portable console. And for now we can just take a look on what will be games on NGP.

Update: Japan release on December, 17, while US and Europe release delayed to early 2012.
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Let's hope that earthquake disaster will not interfere with this plans...cry2

I have just bought a psp 3g from argos uk, so I dont understand the febuary date but my son is sooooo glad he will get it for xmas h

I hope it'll come early but I live in Europa.Generally game consoles come Europa after come Japan and US

jst yestarday i bought a psp 3000

I think that PSP positions is still pretty strong, so buying one now isn't that bad idea, especially when prices are going down. thumbup 

the PSP vita is coming out in the US and japan and we will get it first europe will get it in 2012 thats what i saw in wikipedia :D ★

wife We won't forgive Sony for this. Say No to discrimination! balloon smile2

I have just purchased a psp vita 3g from argos who have a limited supply

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