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PlayStation VitaOn the eve of highly anticipated Tokyo Games Show that took place these days in Japan, Sony held a press-conference, which has all of the attention on the upcoming PSP successor, next-generation handheld gaming console called PlayStation Vita. Among the other interesting information actual release date of the device become known — unfortunately, only for Japan at the moment.

So, PlayStation Vita will be released in Japan on December, 17. There was no new information about actual release dates for USA and Europe — PS Vita still expected "somewhere in early 2012" ( at the same time Amazon recently started taking pre-orders with shipping date set to December, 31 ).

PS Vita price for Japan didn't changed and it will cost same previously announced  ¥29,980 ( $390 ) for 3G version and ¥24,980 ( $325 ) for Wi-FI only model. It's still unclear for now if Sony will remain  announced prices for US and Europe ( 299 and 249 USD and Euro correspondingly ), or prices at release moment will go higher. Probably, such big price difference in terms of dollars for 3G model in Japan ( ~$390 ) and expected price in US ( $299 ) can be explained by the variability of currencies exchange rates or different marketing strategy for this countries. 

Also reporters have been told about 3G possibilities with PS Vita — 3G model owners will be able to use one of the pre-paid subscriptions plans for 3G service by DoCoMo telecom operator, purchasing 20 hours of service for ¥980 ($12.74), or 100 hours for ¥4,980 ($64.75).

Launch titles for PS Vita will include 26 items, with 20 of them available at PS Vita game cards and 6 as downloadable from PlayStation Store only. Square Enix announced two launch-day titles, developed for PS Vita at the moment — it's Action/RPG Lord of Apocalypse and horror-game Army Corps of Hell. Company also announced release of HD remake for Final Fantasy X, that was first released on PS2 in 2001. Final Fantasy X HD will be available on PS3 and PS Vita both, while release date for remake wasn't announced.

PS Vita will be launched with such available games: Disgaea 3 Return, Ridge Racer, Virtua Tennis 4, BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend, Katamari Damacy, Little Deviants, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, F1 2011, Dark Quest and other ones..

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What is the release date of PS Vita in India?
PS Vita 3G/WiFI model can work in India?
What is the price of PS Vita 3G/WiFI in India?

I guess in India Vita will be released at the same time as in the rest of the world — 22 February 2012

As for 3G/WiFi model - yes, it can "work", but I'm completely unaware of India's 3G mobile operators. If there is some - I bet that 3G will work.

Sony Playstation Vita Price in India:

Sony PS Vita 3G+Wi-Fi Price – Approx Rs. 20,000/- INR
Sony PS Vita Wi-Fi Price – Approx Rs. 15,000/- INR


Seems that it is not so easy after all... I've just checked produc t page for PS Vita Wi-Fi/3G you mentioned and looks like it can be delivered only within USA and to US Fleet/Army post offices:

Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses.

I'm not sure about this but seems like they will not be able to send it to India.

Also there may be some issues with 3G "lock" for US operator - there is no info about if console will be locked to AT&T or not. Vita is region-free for games, but I don't know if US version will be locked to this particular operator ( AT&T ) or not. Maybe it will better to contact directly Amazon Customer Support to clear things out regarding shipment and 3G.

And there will be no changes in models. smile

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