What Will Be Games on NGP ( PSP2 )?

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NGP ( PSP2 )Right after the NGP announce most of us were curious to see — what will be games on NGP? Now, knowing technical specifications of new Sony handheld console and few videos from different presentations, we have possibility to do so. Let's look at Little Big Planet, Monster Hunter, Wipeout, Lost Planet 2, Killzone and Uncharted for NGP!

NGP Games ( PSP2 ) — New Level of Quality for Handheld Entertainment

But first let's dive a little bit into technical details. As you may know, NGP will have a 4-core A9 CPU and 4-core PowerVR SGX 543MP4+ GPU, capable of processing up to 133 millions triangles per second. Compare this to iPhone 4's and iPad's PowerVR SGX 535 that can handle up to 28 millions of triangles per second, but because of OS limitations ( iOS is not gaming-dedicated platform ) this number is unattainable on practice — for real-world applications it's success to have half of that. So — NGP receives advantage not only in raw processing power, but also thanks to low-level access to hardware because of OS. For now NGP surpasses any of existing mobile device by 4 times in terms of power, and most likely this advantage still will be there for some time.

In addition NGP is well-supported by game engines and middleware developers — list of Sony partners contains Epic Games, Crytek, Blitz Games, Firelight Technologies, Havok, Trinigy, Termianl Reality and more. Some solutions already can be licensed, so third-party game developers can get powerfull tools to develop their games, and this will affect NGP games quality aswell.

Thanks to hardware capabilities NGP supports many of modern technologies: post-processing effects, anti-aliasing, HDR lightning, shadow and light filtering, physics — and all this on comparable to PS3 level. In overall, some people refer to NGP like "PS3 in your pocket", and personally I agreed with that — if take in mind screen size and storage space limitations, games on NGP looks at least not worse than on PS3. Moreover — there is examples of games that was ported directly from PS3 to NGP without graphics changes ( Dungeon Defenders ). And if remember that Sony prepares PlayStation Suite ( framework that must make porting games from one Sony platform to another much  easier ) — developing same games for PS3 and NGP at the same time could ( and most likely will ) become popular and attractive.

In short, for now all looks like Sony managed to create very powerfull and promising next-gen gaming device, and NGP will take handheld gaming to the whole new level. And while we waiting for it — let's take a look at Little Big Planet, Monster Hunter, Lost Planet 2, Killzone, Uncharted and more games that already runs on NGP.

Update on 15/09/11: Launch titles for Japan PS Vita release revealed.

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Will the games come in English if I buy it in Japan ?

Well, probably not, it is highly unlikely that they will translate games in English to sell them in Japan. 

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