NGP ( PSP2 ) Cost to Be $250 and $350?

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PSP2 aka NGPFrom the time when NGP was announced many people was curious — what will be price for new Sony's portable gaming console ( PSP2 )? How much should we strip from our lunches to afford this cutie, when it will be released? Right after NGP presentation some people was scared that price for such device will be too high — around $700, like PS3 was by the time of it's release, but later experts agreed that NGP cost will not be too high and for platform success should be around 300-400 USD. Whops! Kotaku finds interesting survey about NGP. $250 & $350?..

As already has known — there will be at least two models of NGP: one with 3G module ( premium ), and one without it ( cheaper, of course ). Both models will have Wi-Fi. And there is new information about price — just recently research firm Toluna conducted survey ( sponsored by Ubisoft ) among american customers, with at least two questions — how likely they will purchase NGP, if retail price will be set at $350? Next question, however, asks about cheaper model without 3G — how likely they will purchase it, if it will cost $250.

So I think we can assume that such a big company as Ubisoft not likely will conduct a survey with random numbers, and probably Sony shared with them some information about actual price planned for NGP. Quite likely it's real costs, however, they can be corrected in some directions before the release, but corrections will be small. So there is estimated price for NGP: $250 for base model and 350 $ for premium model with 3G.

Update: Latest info on PS Vita price for US and Europe.

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My guess, and this is a guess.
The PSP2 will launch for 349.99$
It will have no memory stick or game.
After the holidays or perhaps on the holidays it will go down to 299.99$
But they will still sell a 349.99$ version, perhaps with a memory stick or a game.
Perhaps even a 399.99 $ special version with a metal gear gloss on the outside of it.
If I am right.... well I guess I will get to feel good about it.

I think it's will be too complex to have such differentiation - if keep in account that there will be at least two models of PSP2, with 3G module and without it. So I'm pretty sure that prices will be set for this parameter ( 3G or not ), not counting the memory stick presence or something like that. But indeed - special version package may also appear, as you mentioned, with some branding on it. We have less than 6 months to wait, so soon ( well... relatively soon smile2 ) we will know for sure, how it's will be. 

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