Unity 3.1 and Asset Store Launched at Unite 2010

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Unity Logo At Unite 2010 conference, which takes place in Montreal, Canada, updated version of Unity 3 game engine was presented, marked as Unity 3.1. This update includes some bug fixes and improvements, but main feature of 3.1 release become embedded into editor online asset market — Unity Asset Store

Any developer or artist can put his goods into Asset Store, but all content premoderated by Unity Technologies, and this in theory must guarantee high quality of assets, represented in this store. According to the developers, this feature can be useful for customers, who feel need in ready-to-usage art assets for their games, and for sellers, who can earn additional revenue selling own assets in this store. Artist will receive 70 % of sales, and 30 % will go to Unity Technologies.

"In first day sales in Asset Store hits 5000 $" — claims Unity CEO David Helgason

Access to this store only possible from within Unity editor itself — there is no any Web-interface at this moment.


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Unity Asset Store

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