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Maya 2012 Bonus ToolsAutodesk released updated set of additional tools and scripts called Bonus Tools for Maya 2012.
Also Allegorithmic company made available for public download their Substance Bonus Tools for Maya 2012 — set of 25 additional materials and scripts for Substance Procedural Textures plugin, which is integrated into Maya 2012.

Bonus Tools for Maya 2012

Bonus Tools for Maya 2012 was significantly reworked — overall menu logic was changed to mimic Maya menu structure, where each expanding menu item contains list of corresponding tools and commands. In Bonus Tools 2012 there is some new instruments:

  • Randomize Transforms
  • Scene Annotation
  • Pattern Rename
  • Time Warp Animation
  • Extrude Faces and Preserve UVs
  • Rotate/Flip UVs around last selected
  • Rename Texture to Match Source

Download Bonus Tools for Maya 2012 from Autodesk Area website, and in the same place a number of tutorials for Bonus Tools available aswell.

Substance Bonus Tools for Maya 2012

Substance Bonus Tools for Maya 2012 contains 25 new Substance procedural maps, including 10 photorealistic textures for Architectural design, 4 stylized textures for visual effects creation, 4 noise texture and 7 input image filters. In addition supplied with Substance Bonus Tools set of scripts allows to render Substance textures with mental ray without converting it to bitmap files, and second set of scripts allows game developers connect to Substance node a File node, which makes possible to use cgFX shaders with Substance procedural textures.

Download Substance Bonus Tools for Maya 2012 from Allegorithmic website, also there is some Substance examples and tutorials in the learning area of Allegorithmic website.


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U menya vopros! Vot ya skachal S-Tools, v kakuyu papku mne nado zakinut? chto nado zdelat chtobi ya mog ispolzivat S-tool v samom Maye 2012? ato ya ne kak ne mogu! pojaluysta pomogite!

В архиве с Substance Bonus Tools 2012 в папке Docs есть файл User Guide — в нём в самом начале показано и рассказано, как и куда устанавливать. Думаю, лучше всего взглянуть в него. Ну а как использовать их — на сайте Allegorithmic есть целый раздел Learning Area, там есть видео, которые всё объясняют.

and the "mentalray" folder to your installation directory: -"\Autodesk\Maya2012\mentalray".

U menya netu installashki! mojete obisnit bodrobnee! Ato ya ne ponyal )

Zaranee spasibo!

Имеется ввиду папка, в которую установлена сама Maya 2012. По умолчанию это C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2012.

В скачанном архиве путь к примочкам для mr выглядит так:\SubstanceBonusTools_Maya2012\mentalray - и далее идут 4 папки - Linux, MacOS, Windows_x86 и Windows_x64. Нужно зайти в папку, соответствующую вашей версии Windows ( например, в Windows_x86, если винда 32-битная ) и скопировать её содержимое ( папки include и lib ) в папку C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2012\mentalray.

Hi ! am ask about this version Autodesk Maya 2012 both 32bit / 64bit does anyone 've used before .. pls! inform me !

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