Sony PS Vita Official Release Date for US and Europe — February 22

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PlayStation VitaHooray, people! After the many months of waiting Sony finally announced their official release date for PlayStation Vita in Europe and US. So, next-generation portable will launch simultaneously in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Mid-West and Australasia on February, 22nd ( except Japan, where PlayStation Vita will be released earlier — on December, 17th ). 

Europe will get PS Vita for confirmed €249 for Wi-Fi — only model and €299 for Wi-Fi and 3G model. United States will get the same as the $249 and $299, correspondingly.

Official PlayStation blog reports that over the 100 game titles are in development for PlayStation Vita right now, among them such grands like Resistance, Uncharted, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, FIFA, Killzone, Little Big Planet and other. In general, almost every big developer and publisher prepares their projects for Vita launch — for example, Square Enix already announced two projects, Action/RPG Lord of Apocalypse and horror-game Army Corps of Hell, also promising to spoil their fans with HD remake of famous Final Fantasy X, which will be released both for PS Vita and PS3.

PlayStation Vita has 960x544px 5-inch sensor OLED display, two analog joysticks to accompany classical control buttons, two cameras ( front and rear ), sensor pad from behind the console and 4-cores CPU and GPU. Sony expects PS Vita to make a serious competition with smartphones as the gaming platform, that in previous year get serious mobile gaming market share, featuring excellent visual quality and better controls with physical buttons and touch pads among with AAA-class games available.

So, now, when the official release date for PS Vita has been announced and confirmed, there is no more room left for rumors and stuff like that. Let's hope that this release date will not be changed and we will get Vita at the February, 22nd, and no cataclysms or Aliens invasion will interfere with that, hampering Sony from getting its masterpiece to stores in time.

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