PlayStation Vita - release name of Sony NGP ( aka PSP 2 )?

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PlayStation Vita ( NGP aka PSP 2 )Thanks to "reliable sources" highly probable release name of Sony Next Generation Portable ( also known as NGP or PSP 2 ) became known to the general public. So, accordingly to not yet officially confirmed information, new Sony portable console will be released under the name of PlayStation Vita.

One of authoritative game blog authors claimed that he received from unnamed source  reliable proof of NGP's commercial name — a two pictures of graphic materials that was prepared by Sony for upcoming E3 conference. On this picture we can see well-known NGP with new mysterious label on it and in left top corner of the image — accordingly to this, NGP will be named PlayStation Vita ( PS Vita ).

Besides this game blog few other web-sites stated that them also received some information from their sources that new Sony console will be called Vita, but didn't have any documental proof of that before now.

Sony yet not confirms and not denies this information about commercial name of NGP, but is this truth or not we will know for sure pretty soon — at Monday, June 6th there will be Sony big conference on E3, for which was intended leaked pictures. On this conference Sony probably will reveal some new information about NGP, including official name of this platform.

P.S. Few days ago Sony launched new domain on their Sony Computer Entertainment Developer Network website — Thus it's a indirect confirmation that "Vita" name is real and will be used for something. By the way, we just a few days away from Sony conference, so soon we will know it for sure.

Update: Latest info on PS Vita — Japan release on Decemer, 17, PlayStation Vita US and Europe release delayed to early 2012.
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Nice, Sony did a good job againn

So will we be able to play old psp games?
It will be perfect if it will be so..

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