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Final Fantasy X CoverInteresting news brought Sony press-conference that took place just before the opening of  Tokyo Games Show 2011, passing these days in Japan. Square Enix announced development of HD-remake for its Final Fantasy X, which was released on PlayStation 2 in 2001. Final Fantasy X HD, accordingly to Square Enix representatives, will be available both on PlayStation Vita, that scheduled to be released in Japan on December, 17, and PlayStation 3. Unfortunately, additional details, as the approximate date of release, is unavailable at the moment.

Update: rumors regarding possible Final Fantasy X HD release date and new features.

This way Square Enix continues the practice of "making remakes" for its classic games for new platforms and consoles — for example, Final Fantasy III and  IV, first available at NES and SNES correspondingly, later was remade for Nintendo DS as the Final Fantasy III DS and Final Fantasy IV DS, featuring completely redone 3D polygonal graphics. For Nintendo Game Boy Advance there was remakes of FF I-II and IV — VI with slightly enhanced graphics and little new features in gameplay.

In addition Sony itself pursuing a strategy of support new consoles and platforms with porting old classic games from previous generation consoles — for example, many classic PS1 games available on the PS3 under the program of PSOne Classics. Thus HD-remake development announce for one of the most popular PlayStation games of all times is no surprise and we can only be happy that Final Fantasy X will come to life once again towards its 10th anniversary.

We Want More Remakes! MOAR!!1 — Demands a Crowd

Yet not all fans completely happy with that decision — there is a plenty of opinions that Final Fantasy VII, which is considered the best game in the FF series among some fans, deserves HD remake most than Final Fantasy X. Still it's worth to take into account that FFX even for today looks pretty decent and can be enhanced for the HD with much less effort and resources involved, than required by Final Fantasy VII, which was early bird in world of 3D polygonal games and in terms of visual quality of today standards looks awfully. While FFX may require adding some texture filtering, anti-aliasing, some textures redrawn and probably new main characters models, FFVII will require a much more, in fact — almost new game developed "from a scratch". No surprise that Square Enix decided to choose FFX for remake.

Anyway, let's hope for better and just wait for additional details on FFX HD — I personally like to see not just enhanced graphics, but some other new features, like new cinematics, new monsters, new locations and new aeons.

Final Fantasy X in the Original

Anima - Final Fantasy X AeonFinal Fantasy 10 — console japanese role-playing game ( jRPG ) from Final Fantasy series, released for Sony PlayStation 2 in 2001. According to many critics and game media, Final Fantasy X considered the best console jRPG of all times and one of the most selling console game ever. Final Fantasy X was the first game in the series using "true" 3D graphics and voiced dialogues.

The plot of FFX is about adventures of main character Tidus — a young blitzball player, that was pulled into the world of Spira that suffers from the terror of gigantic creature called Sin. Together with Yuna — daughter of high summoner — Tidus must find its way to legendary city of Zanarkand, stop the Sin and reveal secrets of own fate...

P.S. For its time Final Fantasy X was amazing game, still remaining the same as for today. I'm remembering my excitement when I first saw its box on the shelf of seller, who traded me my first PS2 in 2004 — I was lucky enough to get at the same time with the console three games, and its was really great games — FFX. FFX-2 and Gran Turismo 3. Visuals was stunning at the time, and it's was in 2004 — after three years of game release! Eagerly waiting for Final Fantasy X HD, I will be more than enjoyed with another dive into the world of Spira. ^_^

Oh, yes  — just one more thing. FFX was the first game in series that openly showed us main characters kissing. Sadly, but it's also was the last game in series that had a love story in its plot — Final Fantasy XII and XIII moved towards politics, where is no place for love.And this is really sad — I bet that many of us cried at the end of FFVIII, FFIX and FFX, and after the end of FFXII I didn't have any reason to be emotional.
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...So where is the official announcement? I'm looking and I can't find one. For all we know this is just one huge rumour that got everybody too excited to care about an official announcement page.

Don't get me wrong if it's real I'll love it one-hundred percent. I'll pre-order the game the day it's pre-orders are available like I got my FF XIII-2 Crystal Edition. I won't be able to wait.
Just I'd rather see it officially announced and not via a blog or newspaper/journalist's site.

I believe that announcment at the Tokyo Games Show was pretty much an "official" announcment you're looking for, although there is no some kind of product page for this title yet due to the fact that it is still in the development. The rumors and speculations are mostly about the release date and features of the game, and not the fact if they're making it or not.

After the TGS'12 there was a number of times when higher-ups of Square Enix was talking about the FFX HD, so at least it's not cancelled or somerhing like that. I think that full-scale announcment will be made when development of the remake will be in its finishing stage, when all of the features will be established and implemented. Most likely it will be around 1-2 months before the actual release date.

This is a legit announcement people! But surprise surprise, Square Enix is not only making a HD remake for FFX but also for FFX-2! It will all be in one game. This here is the amazon link to the pre-order page, you can view snap-shots and read the forums that are pretty informative.

Also, if any of you care, there will be a KH HD remix as well. (KH is due in September and FFX/X-2 on Dec.31 both this year.)

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