Square Enix Confirmed Development of Final Fantasy XIII-2

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Final Fantasy XIIIDuring presentation in Tokyo, that took place on January, 18,Square Enix officially announced a sequel to it's Final Fantasy XIII game, that was released for Xbox 360 and PS3 in March, 2010. Final Fantasy series fans probably not surprised by fact that new game get Final Fantasy XIII-2 title, because that practice is not new — in 2003 a sequel to Final Fantasy X was released with title of Final Fantasy X-2.

Such a move from Square Enix actually was expected by those, who followed the news and rumors around FFXIII, because some time early developers stated that during production of FFXIII a very big part of game content was excluded from final release, so there is s number of scenes, locations and models that can be assembled into new full-scale game. Apparently in the light of good sales ( over 6 million copies was sold ) Square Enix decided not to lose the goose that lays golden eggs and use their chance to make some additional profit. However, this will not harm the fans joy of fullfilling their dreams on FFXIII sequel.

In Final Fantasy XIII-2 we can expect to see new characters, new locations, new story and updated battle system, and action will took place in the same world as in original game. Release is scheduled to late 2011 in Japan and early 2012 in Europe and USA.

Final Fantasy XIII — japanese role-playing game ( jRPG ) from Final Fantasy series, developed and published by Square Enix for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in March, 2010. Main game character, a young girl Lightning, was chosen by Crystal and must go to flying city of Cocoon to determine the fate of humanity.
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