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Final Fantasy X - AnimaFollowing the announce of Final Fantasy X HD, made by Square Enix at recent Tokyo Games Show'11, in conditions of strong hunger for additional details and information regarding this project, fresh rumors appeared, covering the questions of possible new features of remake and its release date. And if they are not just rumors — Final Fantasy X HD can be not just remastered in HD version of this highly successful PlayStation 2 game, but a real remake.

So, one Spain language blog about PlayStation — PSTime — published some information about FFX HD, which is claimed to be received "from sources close to developers". Reliability of such sources, of course, is an open question, because there is no confirmation from another sources, but still it looks pretty real and definitely worth to be at least considered as possible reality.

Accordingly to this rumors, Final Fantasy X HD remake will be created using Final Fantasy XIII game engine, which also will be adapted to PS Vita. Another unconfirmed details regarding FFX remake development includes following items:

  • Re-created for new engine characters, aeons and some stage elements.
  • Cut scenes and FMV will be enhanced with some "filter" of FFXIII engine — probably, it's some kind of AA-filtering and smoothing.
  • Magic, special effects and lightning will be re-created using new engine called "Luminous".
  • Blitzball game will take little changes.
  • FFX HD may have additional network features ( in the light of previous item  — I can predict that game will receive multiplayer for Blitzball game in some form, and maybe something else ).
  • Release Date — in 2012 fiscal year ( i.e. before 31 March, 2013 ). At the moment it's impossible to concretize release date, but I personally can expect FFX HD to be released in Japan somewhere in Summer / Autumn of 2012. Actual release date highly depends on scale of planned new features ( how many resources required to implement all of them ) and how long FFX HD is in development stage for now. But, if take into account that there is no any pictures of game or official details — highly possible that FFX HD development started not very long ago.

Thus game fans received some additional hope that Square Enix will made not just remastered in HD old game version, but a true remake with new features and enhanced graphics. By the way, this rumors met my expectations for FFX HD, that was made by me shortly after the game was announced at TGS'2011.

P.S. In worst case we may be ended up with something like this:
Final Fantasy X - 10 years after
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Wakka dies so does Kimahri in 10 years, my dreams just shattered

The pic. They're both missing xD Judging by the pic, prolly not by starvation :D:D

hahahahahaha yer there noy there.
well by looking at the rest of them mabe it was better that way......

i really hope they dont change the sphere grid or anything like that and i loved the battle style it had originally but changes would be welcome.

I'm pretty confident that they will not change anything that will have big impact on gameplay, because in that case many things have to be re-designed and balanced again. Still it is possible that some of them will take little changes — like sphere order in Sphere Grid or Lock nodes in different places, etc. And maybe there was some of the unimplemented features that can appear in remake, much like it was with FFXII, where they originally planned Zodiac Jobs Grid System, but dropped it because the lack of time. This system lately was released as the part of FFXII International along with some other tweaks and features that wasn't in "vanilla" FFXII. By the way, I'm really looking forward to see this remake, it is great game and for Square Enix it will be unforgiveable to worsen it.

FFX was perfect imo, the only thing I hope to see in this version that wasn't in the last, is the 2nd play-through bonuses, the "ribbon" ability and the Dark Aeon bosses. The european version for PS2 had these "perks" and the American version did not. Major upset for me.

I totally agree with this. Why make so many different versions, anyway?.. Of course I can understand developers and publishers in their desire to get additional money from releases like that, but still... Make a feature-full, complete game and then release it. Add everything that you want to add, spend additional few months for development, and then release once and forget about it.

I had similar feelings just a couple of months ago, when I've played FFXII ( normal version ), and almost at the game's end learned that there is International versions with some very nice features, that wasn't in my "normal" version, like Zodiac Job System. Of course, if I knew about this differences before my game was almost complete - I would play International version instead, but I didn't know... Feel slightly cheated, especially because Zodiac Job System should be in original release, but the developers did not have enough time to implement it properly before the release and only added it later.

Anyway, I'm sure that remake will be based on mentioned by you "latest" game version with Dark Aeons bosses and stuff. And probably they will add something interesting and new... Can't wait for release. drool2

would much rather a FF7 remake anytime before a FFX one but oh well.

FFXIII producer recently told in an interview that they will not make another remakes for old Final Fantasy games, because it will be too costly in terms of time and resources. So it's unlikely that we will see another remake anytime soon. I will make another blog post about this in a short time.

they best not use put no dum gambit system in they have made a good game since ff x

SquareENIX didnt make FFX, they killed it by making FFX2 many years later, and took down the rest of FF with it. Squaresoft made the last GOOD final fantasy.

Square Enix is Square Soft its just a company name change... due to a "merge" with Enix witch means soft workers are still there so think before you post.

there the same company just merged with each other and that means the square soft are still working on final fantasy
because they just merged then started making mistakes i think FF 10-2 was great FF 11 and from there on is crap i hate 13s battle system and 12 sucked cause all your people just ended up cloning each other plus the battle system was crap
the only combat that was good is FF1-11...

when you say that FF12 sucked because all your people ended up cloning each other, you might as well include FF6's magic, FF7's Materia, FF8's Draw system, FFX's Grid Sphere and FFX2's Dress Sphere system. The only FF games that didnt have a 3-5 clone party would be FF1 and FF5 with the whole Job system. even then there are workarounds. I guess in short, FF has always been about finding your favorite class and making an army out of it.

To be honest, i would love to see a ff7 remake just because it would seem interesting and if they ruined it then good luck for square enix getting their fans back but most of all, FFX was one of the MOST successful games they made BECAUSE everything about it, the sphere grid leveling system, blitzball, the improved turn based battle graphics, the skills, specials magic etc, the characters and the fact that you can over hit 9999 using break damage limit and the same for break hp limit etc, its an interesting and fun game to play, unfortunately the game isnt as long as the classic ps1 ff's

I cant remember there being a second playthrough bonuses for the pal version. Did the american edition not get dark aeons? Yojimbo ate them for breakfast lol. But they were a good challenge if you didnt use him. So there making ffx-2, ff xii and a ffx remake, do you think they'll have anytime for a kingdom hearts 3?

Whoever keeps saying FF7 remake just stop seriously, they fully said they can't because they would have to make too many changes the game, elements would have to be cut out and put in because keeping the same is just a repeat and seriously can you imagine making the overworld map in hd? Consider that before making stupid comments as much I adored Final Fantasy VI through 10, 9 being my favorite 8 being my second. They cannot make a remake on the psone classics its just way too much work. Don't you dare compare it to final fantasy on ds and ios its not the same.

My thoughts on Final Fantasy X hell yeah it was my first final fantasy game but there haven't been any updates since mid September, (I think to prevent diverting attention from FFXIII-2) and introduced me to the series. I actually have some serious considerations this game may come out as a complete remake. This is because the past hd ports of games have been packaged together, another reason square enix has no reason to not release any further details if it was just a rehash in hd. I still feel 50/50 it may be just a remake or hd port just putting it out there.

And seriously that cosplay is hideous.

i agree. i loved ff7, but a remake would ruin it.

i dont care what they do to the game, i just want to play it on my ps3. if they just did a re-format and put it up on the market instead of re-making it, i would be happy. hope they dont change too much of it. specially the music. great score.

Oh but they did say they would change a vast amount if they were to re-release the game as it will be too similar to the psn classic and costly that they would not make much from it, you got to think from a developer's perspective.

I can appreciate what they're trying to do. Just want to play it again sooner than later. And everyone keeps saying FFX is on the PSN, but I can't seem to find it. I guess I'll just have to look harder. It may not be available in NTSF format (US.)

Oh no its not FFX on psn its FFIX, they might release FFX on psn when its in HD, I think thats what they mean.

and IX was ok, but i much rather prefer X. ah well, just have to wait on that one it looks like.

Though X was my first final fantasy game, IX was my favourite because of the characters and the overall package. But X is my third favourite final fantasy game just because it was amazing.

But I won't lie I check google news everyday just to see an update on final fantasy X hd, and so far no news since September 13/14 and I doubt they will release any till final fantasy xiii-2 has been released.

I would just like to add to this xiii-2 comment. I would like to state that I do not think that it will be a very popular title either. I think that catching monsters to use as part of the team defeats the purpose. You want a team to connect with and them making it like pokemon from what I read sounds stupid. As for ffx hd, I think that the remake all sounds good except that the lvl engine will be like xiii. I did not like the lvl engine on 13 and thought that you were held back too often till certain parts in the game. I guess I will wait to see what happens with it when that time comes.

I agree with what you said 100%. FFXIII-2 I highly doubt will do well either, considering it has FFXIII in it. The use of the crystarium held way too much back. If FFX hd is remade like XIII I was very disappointed, XIII had potential but it failed to capture the magic the previous final fantasies did.

you gotta be kidding me, they're taking out the sphere grid? that was one of the ESSENTIAL parts of the game! why fuck with something that worked? too many people pissing and moaning about how much they hated it I guess...

hey hey they'll only use the "engine" of crystarium it's still the sphere grid the "engine" behind crystarium was made so you would hit a barrier so u wouldn't be OP they will make it harder for u to complete the game = more game time = somewhat better experience for instance in FFX u would hit a barrier at key sphere 3 b4 u got to mt. gagazet and stole from biran and yenke they will probably put up more key lock's that will block your path in the hd version well that is what i think hehe 

I wouldnt mind if they just put the original game on the PSN as a classic game. The original was fine. A little pixelated, but that's to be expected from the PS2. I just hope they leave the music in it. If they try to put different music in there, it will ruin the entire game. I mean, the song of prayer can't be replaced, right?

The original is in the psn along with final fantasy 8, 9 and tactics

Ofcourse final fantasy X is not there, they are releasing an HD port or remake so it wouldn't make sense for them to go through all the trouble to release the original.

what i said originally was that I dont care if they remaster or remake the game, I just want to play it again.

Ya well go buy and play the original from the playstation store, because it costs them a lot of money to make it game into hd, as its two console gens old it would create a dispute between fans and square enix if they were to change it to something they don't like.

i already purchased FF8 for the PS3 as a PSONE classic game. All they did was switch it to a downloadable game for purchase on the PSN. i was hoping they would do the same for 10, but they are instead re-making the whole thing. you aren't getting what i'm saying. i just want the game sooner than next fall to the following spring. the waiting sucks.

I know what you are trying to say, I feel the same as you. I've purchased all of them, I want FFX on psn too but they won't do it because it would prevent them from getting as much sales. There are still people who haven't played FFX and re-making and putting a price tag on it would get them more revenue than releasing it on the psn store. I know it sucks the world we live in, but the only way it to make more money is for them to not release on the psn at all, and just release the HD version.

Well for one thing they aren't releasing any PS2 games on PSN that's the whole point of making a Disc based release. And if they did release on PSN they would make the same as if they just released it on disc if not more. A lot of people are done buying discs they would rather have digital copy. I for one wouldn't think twice over digital it's better and easier than hard copy's. Plus a lot more portable. Download to memory stick and go. And as for the gameplay it's more than likely going to be the same look at all the other games that are coming out HD like Devil May Cry same game just enhanced graphics.

lol, i definitely agree with you, by music. the old song is ffx create the feeling for playing it.

To be honest, the music in FFX gets reeaaalllyy annoying because it becomes so repetitive especially for a long game. What I wouldn't mind is the original soundtrack but also a bunch of new music so I don't have to keep listening to the same ones over and over to the point where I just want to rip out my hair.
This is on another note but I don't want the remake to be exactly the same and just enhanced. I want it to carry its own uniqueness too and have new or altered (minor) parts in the game. As long as it has the same characters that still look and sound just as they were, and the overall story is the same - I'm happy.

Have you ever looked at the OST it's four discs big, and all of it is amazing, probably what made the game what it was, because every time I hear the stuff I want to play it over again...

I love FFX along with the music! The music made the game playable after so many hours. Also I really hope that they DON'T change the battle system. I like the original system and am not a fan of the FFXiii battle system. Sure you can just push x if you turn it on auto but the ffxiii battle system stems/does the best when just pushing x. I adored everything about the original and would be sad to see it changed so much.

I think they should update the character models, make blitzball more interactive and online compatible, and PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD RE-RECORD TIDUS' VOICE WORK FOR THE ENGLISH RELEASE.

Don't fuck up blitzball i loved it the way it ways. and tidus voice acting was great. i just hope they don't change so much to ruin one of the greatest games in history.

PS.. Fuck FF7, so over rated.

ff7 wuz a great game. ovr hyped, yes. but still a great game. actually play the game b4 u judge, asshole.

well, I played FF7...I did it after reading tons of "ff7 is da best, menz" ... as for me, I don't see anything "great" about game. Interesting - yes, but nothing more; Scenario is pretty average;

so I still wondering why ppl praying on FF7 when FF8 is 10 times better? Only 1 good thing about FF7 for me: Tifa!! <3 ... that's all;

I hope Sq-En will do remake of FF8 and FF9 after FFX-1; ... FFX-2 can be skipped, imho;

I think that wast majority of praises come from the time when FF7 was released. In 1997 it was a really great game, later on it is still good, but a little bit outdated, thus for those who played it later ( like myself ) impressions were not as bright as they could be shortly after the release.

OMG!! Thank you finally subody said it. FF7 was good, but 8 was soooo much better. That game kept me playing from the time I got it until I beat it adn then I started right back over again. And to be honest, all this FFX hype is like the FF7 hype. FF12 is sooo much better than 10 to me! I absolutely loved it. Even though it went political, the cut scenes were enough to make you keep playing just to get to the next one. The graphics and game pay were lovely! FF13 was truly disapponting to me with the new fight syle. I am leary of trying FF13-2 because of it. It seems in their struggle to make the game better, they made it overly difficult. One thing these game creators dont realize is when you make it too difficult or confusing, it takes some of the fun away from the game. Atleast for me it did. No I don't want it to be easy, but good lord, I dont want to have to have six hands and a technology degree to play it either. I hate that they messed with the gameplay and I am hoping if they remake 10 and 12 as it is rumored, they leave the gameplay alone and simply enhance the graphics. I would hate to get teh FFX remake and the fight style is like 13!

actually ff7 is (imo) too overrated. they said it was the greatest ff game, but i found 4,5,6,8,9,and 10 much better.

8 was prob one of the worst of the ff series sorry the game was annoying

I think they should update the character models, make blitzball more interactive and online compatible

they should make blitzball online like free play like fifa but in blitzball

jesus... it's just going to be a remastered game VISUALLY. All voice will be the same. Imagine the rerelease of halo:combat evolved. same concept.

I absolutely love ffx dont change a thing sides the graphics make the characters look more american than asian, haha. Anybody else notice that in ffx the characters had real squinty eyes but in fffx2 they had normal like white person eyes wtf keep consistency. tho even if its stick figs ill still play a renewed ffx

FFX was the best installment by far because it had the best story and characters and the only FF that actually made me cry :( in a good way. It gave me that feeling in my gut when they were playing in the water in the macalania woods.

Indeed, FFX is a great game and macalania woods scene was brilliant. At the time I've first played FFX it has stunning graphics, awesome story, uncommon voiceacting and many other impressive stuff. I've been playing it after FFVIII and FFIX, so difference was obvious smile. Also I've noticed the evolution of romantic relationships in FFX — it's a more "mature" relationship, for the first time they showed us how protoganists kissed red. By the way, game's awesomeness is a burden to any developer team that ever will want to make a remake. I think this is a serious reason why we won't see many remakes for FF games — it will be very hard to not disappoint the fans. 

i thinks its more of a remastered version since watching a video where the makers say its more of a remastered than a remake

On the note of people moaning about a final fantasy 7 remake i have heard somewhere that Microsoft invested money into getting all the old team who created ff7 back together and make it.
Squeenix is saying its not possible to make it? Or is it because Microsoft has invested to much money into it?
Still FFX was the best in the series FFIX wasn't bad I started to play it again on my Sony Xperia Play but got sick when I wiped data on 3rd disc haha.

if that is true then sq r idiots and need a gud punch to wake them up ff 7 will and allways will be a ps game

Every PS game has to have trophies now...

will there be the international bonus content on it?

At this particular moment it's hard to tell for sure, because there is still not many information about this project, but I'm pretty confident that they will include all content available for this game, including content from international version.

god, i hope so. i wanna fite penance sooo bad.

I heard from a reliable source that it will have all of the features of the PAL version and possibly more. In other words it should have Penance and the Master Grid.

i think that the ff x remake is gunna be awsome lets hope they dont screw around with it to much and i think the ff 7 remake will happen when sq screw up big time and lose a lot of fans like if they were to make a game like 13 nd 13 2 lets hope they wont but if they do we may get a remake of 7

Can somebody explain why the "Post" button is in Russian? LoL
People, you are aware that you can play FFX in FULL 1080p HD with up to 16x Anti-Aliasing right now.
A Ps2 emulator like Pcsx2 can achieve this, a moderate computer required.

The perks that paying for this release would have above emulation will most like be:
A. Texture resolution will be higher.
B. FMVs will likely be rendered at a higher resolution
C. Possibly more polygons?
etc etc.

However what sucks is that this remaster will probably only be 720p, no anti-aliasing etc.

IDGAF, The only real reason I'm excited about this is it will be a full fledged "Modern" FF title on the Vita. This game and Disgaea 3 are the only reasons I bought one.

I personally didn't like this game. I really wish they would stop focusing on this game and devote those resources to improving FFXIV and getting the Kingdom Hearts team back on what they do best... Just my opinion. :)

your opinion is bullshit and must be swiped from the world by Auron's tornado and erased from memory by Tidus' Blitz Ace you asshole. FFXIV sucked. If you want a good MMORPG play FFXI. And Kingdom Hearts 3 which i'm highly anticipating is not being held up by FFX HD its being held up by Final Fantasy Versus XIII. So shut your trap and dont ever diss my favorite video game of all time anymore.

Seriously can not wait for this. Final Fantasy X is one of my favorite games and I'm really happy that it's coming out in HD. Seeing beautiful looking characters like Yuna and Tidus in those videos like FF13! I think square are good to their fans.

That is probably the worst cosplay I've ever seen. More like Final Fantasy Ten years later :P The only one that is remotely ok is auron and hes missing the fucking glasses, and probably the flask... EWWWWWW lol

thats cuz in the last 10 years, he went and got Lasik done for his eyes. attended a few AA meetings and decided booze is not the way to go in life.

I cannot wait!!!!!! But why only on ps3?!!!!! :/ Lmao,

I hoPe they do remake this game it was amazing i was blown away when i first played it i freaking loved it i cant tell u how many times i beat it or how many hours i spent playing this game i did every lil thing u could got everything you could get this was the best final fantasy i ever played till this day i still believe this is the best one it blows ff 13 n ff13-2 out the water and with the remade graphics itd be the best game made in my opinion they dont have to do anything else to make this game perfect id just love to see the games graphics in hd and if all theu do is put on sell in the psn store id be happy i just want the chance to play this amazingly beautiful rpg again i never in my life played any game more amazing than this one please sqaure remake this game or atleast put in in the psn store ud make a lot of money off of it i can promise you that!!!

this game is the best game you could ever play im in love with this game iv kill all the dark aeon panacese everything iv spend my childhood on this game and i still play it every year can never get sick of fanal fantasy x i dunno why people like final fantasy 7 i dont really see the greatness in it put i love to see the Zanarkand Abes put in the blitz ball team and to see blitz a bit improved like making it something similar to a fifa game play can wait for the release date!!!

I bought my psvita just for this game...........

imagine a final fantasy 10 film???!!!! how wicked would that be if they directed it right :P

It would have been too long. Just think of it. All that makes the story, the game. Every single detail counts... Allthough it would have been the most extremely awesome film in the world! ^^

hmm idk bout making a movie of FFX but if u look at how they jumped from 1 movie to the 2 then it would fit if thay made FFX like a movie first FF movie: ffiv second movie ffvii and then ffx haha it would b awesome indeed hehe 

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