A Generous Gift To Everyone — Bryce 7 Pro and Daz Studio 4 for Free!

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Free gifts to everyone, folks! For a limited time only until the end of March you can get a full-functional Pro licenses for Daz3D's Bryce 7 Pro, Hexagon 2.5 and DAZ Studio 4 Pro completely free of charge! This is a promotional campaign conducted by Daz3D, the owners and developers of this software, so why not to participate?.. 

So, until the end of February March anyone can get a copy of this three software titles with a summary value of over $800. More details about offered software:

  • Bryce 7 Pro — the most interesting thing in this offering, Bryce is a pretty well-known in some circles 3d environments generator and editor, capable of creating beautiful landscapes.
  • DAZ Studio Pro — application for working with characters, allows to create and customize them using templates, both built-in and downloadable. DAZ Studio has powerful posing and editing tools. Some people say that DAZ Studio is often used in game development, when you need to create many characters but don't have enough time to made them manually. Looks like this can be put to good use.
  • Hexagon 2.5 — a simple 3D modeling application, allows to create models via classical approach or by sculpting shapes. Hexagon is a quite simple and limited to modeling application, so it can be used by beginner artists or hobbyists.

How to get all this goods? It's very simple — before the end of February register at Daz3D website as a customer, add mentioned software to your cart and made a checkout. Because they all are free for now — you will immediately gain access to downloads and serial numbers. Then just download them all and install using provided serial numbers. There will be special discounts for future updates, so keep an eye on Daz3D website. All the details available in the same place. Pretty nice, huh? hehe


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Campaign extended until the end of March, you still have a chance to get your copies for free. balloon

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