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NeoAxis LogoNeoAxis Group reports about another achievment in development of its all-purpose 3D engine that few months before finally reached version 1.0NeoAxis Engine, which can be used for game development and interactive visualizations creation, now can be tightly integrated with Awesomium, a windowless framework for embedding web pages inside your applications.

Awesomium is a windowless framework, based on Chromium/WebKit engine, that now can be plugged to NeoAxis as extension. Using Awesomium developers can implement unique, rich and original features inside their applications, be it games or something else — in fact it's a real web browser right inside NeoAxis!

NeoAxis implementation of Awesomium includes easy control through GUI and support for in-game 3D interface, provided by NeoAxis engine ( for example, you can create a monitor inside your game world that will interactively display real-world web pages ).

Awesomium for NeoAxis available for Windows and Mac as precompiled binary files, and integration source code provided aswel. Framework usage is free for non-commercial projects and indie companies with revenue in previous year less than $100,000. Additional details about Awesomium and license terms available at

Awesomium for NeoAxis Features:

  • Binaries for NeoAxis 1.0
  • Easy to use GUI control
  • In-game 3D GUI support
  • Windows and Mac support
  • Awesomium 1.6.2
  • Integration source code included

Awesomium for Game Developers

My blog at in-game monitor screenNeoAxis and Awesomium integrations provides unique opportunities for game development and new, interesting ideas implementations. One of the NeoAxis features — ability to create in-game 3D interfaces — can be effectively used with this framework. Now developers can display online web pages content or local HTML files right inside their games — for example, at the screen of virtual monitor or control terminal.

Embedded with Awesomium pages has their full functionality, similar to that provided by standalone browsers like Chrome or Safari — players can access any pages, enter URL manually, click on links, enter text and even leave their comments, if necessary.

Practical application of such features is very wide — for example, developers can publish important announcements right inside their game, at the some kind of bill board. Embedded content also can be displayed at any surface, supported by game engine — there's no need to limit yourself to some kind of monitors. There is only one obvious condition— player should have active internet connection to see content from internet.

Another example — interactive in-game news terminals that wil display recent events from game world. It's will be very easy for game developers to update such content — they will only need to update corresponding web pages, and all players will immediately see changes.

We all know well MMO games that require account registration before player actually can access game world. Often it's made at game website — with Awesomium players can access game immediately, right after the game launch, as the unnamed characters that must go through registration procedure. But — inside the game world, without leaving it. Registration form can be stylized to match game world style and be embedded in some kind of terminal or board — with NeoAxis and Awesomium such features become easy to be implemented.

There is almost endless possibilities to create original features using web pages embedding inside games — like hidden tips or secrets, available on game website, that players can find only through game itself, bonuses, special levels and locations with access to game forums ( like some kind of Lobby ), guides or additional game content, and more — possible usage limited only by your creativity.

Let's conclude — NeoAxis and Awesomium integration creates new advanced possibilities for game development. Nice license terms opens it almost for everyone — it's never been so easy to add something new and fresh to your game.

You can get additional details about NeoAxis Engine at its website, also you can download free SDK with demos and check engine features by playing them. Those who already familiar with NeoAxis and whose interested in Awesomium can download NeoAxis-Awesomium demo and try it.

And finally — how you can use Awesomium in your games? Share the ideas in comments!

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ok I can see this being usefull for say sending feedback to the company and thats about it. It doesn't need to be an on a physic item or nothing just a menu option for feedback which calls a feedback or support page up thats about its only use I can for see, Otherwise pointless.

Well, I'm pretty confident that there is more than that particular point in it — for example, today I've seen one guy complained that Battlefield 3 Beta he's playing right now forced users to Alt+Tab to desktop to search for group or something like that, because such functionality wasn't implemented in game UI and moved to web browser. Not pretty convinient, I would say. Of course it's nice to have web statistics or leaderboards, but it's will be even nicer if that could be integrated inside the game itself. But thanks for your opinion though, that's one more idea for it - leaving feedback to developers.

I was thinking how to have a web page to load and render in game, maybe using Gecko engine from Mozilla or something. I never get that working. This may be the solution. But Awesomium don't seem to come with the non commercial SDK of NeoAxis. There exists also something called Hikari for use with Ogre, thus html rendering is not the same as full browser functionality. As I understand what Awesomium is, It provides an in game browser. Need to read more about it in its site, excuse me for a while...

Awesomium for NeoAxis is an extension, thus have to be downloaded separately from SDK. There is a NeoAxis demo available, you can grab it here.

By the way, seems like I've forgot to update links in post above during translation, now they should be fixed and point to English pages of NeoAxis website.

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