NeoAxis Game Engine Reached Version 1.0

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NeoAxis Engine LogoHooray, comrades! Long awaited release of NeoAxis Engine 1.0 just recently took place, so now this game engine can be officially considered full-grown and definitely worthy to be looked at as the engine for your next game project.

Development of NeoAxis game engine started 6 years ago as single man enthusiastic project, which lately gradually matured and turned into professional software product. Development team that gathered around this project now formed an NeoAxis Group company, with NeoAxis Engine as main product. This is in overall perfect example on how one-man enthusiastic project can become something big.

Accordingly to developers, NeoAxis project from beginning conceived as not just game engine, but as all-purpose toolset and 3D engine for games, interactive 3D visualizations, demonstrations, simulations and other applications. Plenty of development tools bundled with the engine minimizes need for unnecessary hand programming and makes whole development easier and faster.

One of the NeoAxis engine advantages is its cross-platform development capabilities — created applications can run in Windows, MacOS and Linux. Support for iOS and Android planned by dev's and will be addes in the near future.

Among the other features of NeoAxis engine is possible to mention powerful engine API based on .NET, a number of editors for majority of game components ( World Editor, Terrain Editor, Game Object Editor, GUI Editor, Effects Editor, Physical Model Editor, Material Editor ), support for Nvidia PhysX and ODE physics, modern graphics technologies and others. An addition NeoAxis Engine has proved himself as game development tool — projects that used it as engine now available in Steam, Impulse, Mac App Store and GamersGate.

Another one good thing about NeoAxis is that it has detailed documentation and included into SDK game examples (  First-person shooter, Third-Person Shooter, Real-time Strategy, Arcade ) — as we know, the best way to master some technology and learn it's inner logic is to study how this tech was used to create real-world applications.

NeoAxis Engine has numerous and active community of developers and users — they created many add-ons for engine with new ones appeared from time to time. Community can help with getting support and advice for engine usage.

Flexible licensing system allows to choose convenient licensing scheme, while beginning developers can use feature-limited version of NeoAxis for their non-commercial projects for free and upgrade their license at any time if project becomes promising.

For additional details about NeoAxis game engine visit NeoAxis Engine website.
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