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Autodesk MayaProbably, one of the most common question about Maya is this one: — Where is my mental ray?! Any Maya user faced this problem at least once, and beginner 3D Artist is easy to be confused with this. He look in Render Settings menu and there is no any sign of mr anymore. So — what to do for bring it back and why mental ray disappears so sudden anyway? Read the answer next.

Observant users for sure noticed that mental ray disappears after Maya crashes or unexpected PC reboot. That's the main reason why it gone — Maya developers decided to automatically unload and un-plug mental ray in case of unexpected shotdown of Maya, i.e. if Maya "hangs" and was killed through Task Manager or so on.

Because mental ray in Maya is just a plug-in — it can be enabled and disabled just as regular one, in dedicated for this menu. So, for bring it back you need just go to Window --> Settings/Prefrences --> Plug-in Manager, find in the list Mayatomr.mll and check Loaded and Autoload. That's it, mental ray should load and work as usual now.

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Thank you very much ! this page is really useful! thx a lot ^^

Thank you for the advice. Was setting up Mental ray on maya on a linux box. Turns out all i had to do was enable it like you said. This is an available fix for anyone who can see the mi-raysat service listining on the respective port ..... But is not available in MAYA

Thanks a lot. I was fed up with this problem. Now i got the solution thanks very much.

Ho boy, do I feel silly. I looked at the Window -> Settings/Preferences -> Plug-ins dialogue many times, but was always looking for something, anything, along the lines of "Mental Ray" - never thinking to myself the "mr" in "Mayatomr.mll" would be just what I was looking for. I passed it over many times. Anyway, thank you for your post!

I was doing it the same way when I'm first started looking for Mental Ray plugin... smile  Gladly pretty soon I've found some tip much like this one and figured out that it was Mayatomr.mll . smile2 By the way, it has some login in this name, because practically it is not mental ray itself, but just a plugin that translates a scene into mental ray format. So it is indeed "Maya-to-mentalray".

Thanks. Such a big help. I was trying to render something with soft modelling mode for some parts and didn't work with hardware render.

Thanks a lot. The tip really helped.

I love u man
you're great
your post was very helpful for me
thanx a lot

Ah great! thank you. I was certain it was in the plug in manager somewhere, but I would never of known which box to tick without this! many thanks

thanks mate! i was in the edge of nerve breakdown. you save me! wow i feel good now..

Thaaaaaank Yoooooou !!!!! Great help i was very worried lol,

Thank you a lot... I was looking for it in the plugin manager but never could imaging it was under the name "mayatomr"... I was just expecting to see Mentalray or Mray.

first thank you in a new year froooom Turkey :)

Thanks a lot!... i was beginning to worry that i ruined my installer... LOL!... hahahaha... now i can render my 3d projects... ^_^ thanks again...

I'm going to activate the plug-in and get a warning "not found Mayatomr.mll" Please help me!!

Dude iam checking the load and autoload button but its giving an error saying unable to load what to do please help!!

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