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In 2004 unknown back then Swedish melodic doom/death band called "Slumber" released their first full-length debut album "Fallout", making happy all lovers of this music style, including myself. "Fallout" was well received by critics and gathered a number of highest scores from different media, which praised its energy and great atmosphere.

It's worth to mention that while many albums from different artists and music styles has "pass-through" tracks that can be considered as fill-in between very few "hit" compositions, Fallout is a very strong and solid album, in which each and every track is completed work.

Probably because of such high requirements for the music quality by band members for themselves Fallout consists of only seven tracks, blessing its listeners with 37 minutes of pure pleasure. After first listening I have only one regret — that I can't dive deeper into the world of Slumber...

Slumber was a truly significant event in Melodic Doom/Death Metal world ( this music style assigned to Slumber by reviewers, but this guys have a very own, unique spirit and great talent in music compositing ), which is far from being dead yet. Surprisingly this Swedish band didn't become very popular and remained as the item for genre lovers. Many people around the world opened Slumber for themselves almost occasionally, like it was in my case. While such bands as My Dying Bride and Katatonia has been known for years, Slumber in some extent remained as the diamond in a dark closet. And I with no doubt will call it a diamond in the crown of Melodic Doom/Death Metal style.

My personal favorite track is a sixth one, Dreamscape. This is where hearth of Slumber lies for me — beautiful melodies, tightly entwined with grief and sorrow. I suggest you to at least give it a try and listen to it, independently of like you this music style or not. Who knows, maybe you too will find your way into world of Slumber.

06. Dreamscape

In the night when all the pain embraces my heart
When all the fear echoes in my head
I dream myself away clouds of despair
A hand, reaching for help in emptiness, emptiness...

Enter the realms of dreaming
A seed of tragedies and tears
Silently... dreaming
Silently... dreaming my way through

Lying in my shelter, beyond mortal being
No one can see, no one can touch
No more fear of crying, for eternity
What's left, is a fantasy world
Beyond reality

P.S. Unfortunately Slumber splitted up, forming two new band — AtomA and other one, which remains unnamed yet. Slumber's second album, which is supposed to be released in 2010, will be released under the name of AtomA, but music is already something slightly other than original Slumber. Still samples of music ( that can be listened or even downloaded in mp3 ) from second band is very promising — they has same atmosphere as good old Slumber. While waiting for their releases, I can mention that there is a website with mp3 albums. If you curious of where to buy mp3 music album — give a try at, most likely you will find there something to your taste.
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hi there.
all your had written in 2011 right about {SLUMBER}.
I talked about magnificent slumber band in 2004 I was heard metal style since 1990

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