Fun Cartoons: Emoticon War, Emoticons Have Cybersex

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YouTube LogoYesterday I communicated with one friend via IM and after "emoticons battle" between us new idea appeared — what if create animated cartoon with emoticons as main characters? There were concerns that such idea is not new and someone already made this. So I searched YouTube and found this funny cartoons, slightly similar to what I'd like to create someday. 

Video is really smartly done, I recommend to watch it.

Emoticons Have Cybersex

Led by Angry, the Emoticons tackle their latest challenge: adding meaning and superficial emotion to a cyber-sex conversation. Grossed out, but ever the professionals, the emoticons help cyber-sexer Darryl clarify such vague statements as "I'm huge too," and "Take off your shirt."
"He's typing with one haaaand!" smile2

Emoticon War

A determined group of Emoticons fulfill their digital destiny.

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