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Torque Game EngineGarageGames CEO Eric Preisz, a Torque game engine developer company, in his corporate blog tells that after recently almost happened collapse GarageGames is reanimated and again ready to fight for game developers minds and hearts ( and wallets, of course ). New company owners lend a shoulder for Torque in this hard times and now they seriously set about taking it to new horizonts. With new market strategy Torque ( Torque 2D, Torque 3D, iTorque 2D ) is returned to it's indie roots and will make accent on providing accessible and yet feature-rich game engines for affordable price to beginner or indie developers, students or hobbyist. 

With support of new owners prices for all existing Torque products is set to 99 $, including access to full source code and no royalties. Moreover, company is again uses GarageGames brand, what can be assumed as additional symbol of targeting on small developers and limited in resources students/beginners.

Well, that's a reasonable and good-looking turn for Torque, because previously it was a very hard competition for him with free version of Unity 3d, what is presumably was the reason of close call for death. Such way Torque becomes a very attractive solution for those, who looking for game development tools with strong feature list, affordable price and comfortable license terms.

Torque — game engines family for PC, iOS, Xbox 360 и Wii from GarageGames. Among engine advantages is possible to mention world editor, strong rendering system, Web publication possibilities and full source code providing with license purchase. For Torque 2D it's a level editor, network support, scripting system, Newton physics, sound and GUI — in overall, Torque 2D it's a fully-fledged game engine for casual and 2D games. User community is a honor of GarageGames and it's stated as one of the main advantages of Torque.
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