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Cover of Unreal Development Kit Game Programming with UnrealScript bookPublishing house Packt Publishing, which is specialized on IT books in a whole and game development and game engines books in a particular, released a new and exciting book on Epic's Unreal Development Kit ( UDK ). <<Unreal Development Kit Game Programming with UnrealScript, Beginner's Guide>> reveals details of one of the most complicated tasks in game development for beginner developers — programming using UnrealScript language.

As you can see from the title of the book — it is intended for beginner developers that want to master all of the UDK's rich functionality and power in their game projects. It's pretty obvious that truly unique and original project can't be created without development of own solutions in gameplay, game logic, design and AI. UnrealScript in fact is a "glue" that can help developers to put it all together and turn their project into a finished and fully functional game title.

Book author, Rachel Cordone, designer and UnrealScript programmer with 12 years of experience with Unreal game engines since 1999, by example will teach readers all of the fundamental areas of work with UnrealScript — initial set up of a project, data management, new classes creation, functions and variables usage, work with Kismet, multiplayer games creation, debugging and optimization, and many other.

As Packt website states, from this book you will learn:

  • Set up a UDK project and learn how to compile and test your own code
  • Learn how to extend the UDK's code to add your own functionality
  • Create your own game types, player camera, and HUD
  • Learn how UnrealScript interacts with Kismet and create your own Kismet actions and events
  • Use networking to create and test multiplayer games
  • Optimize your code to fix errors and performance problems
  • Use DLLBind to interact with code outside of the UDK

Well, that's not bad at all! In general, this book causes me a feeling of well-done practical guide of UnrealScript mastering. So, if you're serious about learning UDK and develop your game projects using this engine — this book can be strongly recommended for reading, it will be a perfect addition to official UnrealScript and UDK documentation, teaching you one of the most difficult parts of this engine in a practical approach.

Learn more about this book or even order it at Packt Publishing website.

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