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After almost a three years of intense development major update for CMS Drupal, which get number 7, is finally released to general public. By community growth and Drupal getting more and more popular developers managed to make it even better, introducing new version as more user-friendly CMS: accessibility, usability and design is seriously enhanced in Drupal 7.

Previously many users and site administrators complaint that Drupal is too confusing and hard to deal with from the side of daily usage and management, so major accent in this release was made on administrative interface improvement —  with new features, such as Admin Bar, Drupal will be more accessible and friendly even for beginner users.

 So what are main new features, introduced in Drupal 7?

  • improved administrative interface with support of vertical tabs, admin bar, dashboards and contextual edit links
  • integrated into the Drupal core CCK ( Content Construction Kit ), which allows to easily construct and manage new content types
  • enhanced visual appearing and theming capabilities by Render API
  • built-in image support
  • better contributed modules installation and update system
  • improved performance
More details are available in press-release for Drupal 7 and What's new in Drupal 7 on the official web site.

In general seems that Drupal 7 is strong and pleasant release, so after some time, required for undiscovered bugs fixing and more wide contributed modules support, it can be recommended for production usage.
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