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UDK LogoDecember update for Unreal Development Kit ( UDK ), a free edition of Epic's Unreal Engine 3, brought long-awaited support for iOS and Apple's devices that runs on it — iPhone, iPad and iPod. Let me remind you that updates for UDK published each month and includes new features along with bug fixes. 

Also previously in this month Epic released for AppStore a new game called "Infinity Blade", that was built using this game engine and it's support for iOS devices. 

Main features of UDK for iOS

  • Build levels, visually script gameplay events and add visual effects for mobile applications using the Unreal Editor and its major tools, including Unreal Kismet, Unreal Cascade and Unreal Matinee
  • Superior rendering features for mobile development, including Unreal Lightmass global illumination accelerated by Unreal Swarm distributed computing
  • The full source and content for the “Epic Citadel” App, plus an additional castle demo map
  • Mobile Previewer: preview your application locally using a fully feature OpenGL ES 2.0 renderer with mobile input simulated
  • Play In Editor, one-click game preview
  • Next-gen Mobile Graphics: UDK's highly optimized mobile renderer has support for per-pixel lighting, environment mapping, precomputed visibility and more! And of course, Unreal Lightmass computes stunning light and shadows to bring your scene to life

Read details in feature list of UDK with iOS support and updates for december release or download UDK with iOS support.

Screenshots of Epic Citadel demo for Apple devices ( click to enlarge ):

    Epic Citadel Demo Screenshot 1 Epic Citadel Demo Screenshot 2Epic Citadel Demo Screenshot 3

Also in first decade of December Epic released for AppStore new game called Infinity Blade, which was made using featured game engine ( UE3 with iOS support ). This game shows incredible high level of graphics for mobile device and such way serves as living example of updated UDK capabilities in high quality game production. It's worth to mention that in 4 days Infinity Blades hits 1,600,000 $ in sales and got in AppStore Top.

Trailer for Infinity Blade:

UDK's licensing terms for iOS projects for now is similar to old UDK licensing scheme for PC projects — no royalties are payed  before sales reach 5000 $ and 25 % of revenue payed after that + 99 $ fee for commercial license itself. Non-commercial usage is free of charge. Though Epic says that there may be other licensing scheme for iOS projects in the future, and company ready to work with big developers on individual basis.


Unreal Development Kit ( UDK ) — a complete professional development framework, based on Epic's Unreal Engine 3. Free for non-commercial usage, UDK provides tools to create AAA-class games, advanced visualizations and detailed 3D simulations on the PC and iOS.

More information available at Unreal Development Kit website.


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