First Unreal Engine 3 Game for Android Released

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Unreal Engine 3, a very powerful game engine from Epic Games, is finally reached Android platform — Trendy Entertainment, game developer company and UE3 licensee, released their Dungeon Defenders tower defense-style game with Action/RPG elements in Android Market Place. Few days before this game also was released for iOS devices — in AppStore.

With this game released Unreal Engine 3 officially supports game development for PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, iOS and Android.

Previously in this month December Release of Unreal Development Kit took place, featuring iOS support. Users of UDK, a free set of game development tools, based on Unreal Engine 3, received ability to develop their games for Apple iOS devices.

Rumors about following UDK support for Android devices have not been confirmed — instead Epic Games vice-president Mark Rein said that there will not be Android support in UDK anytime soon. Although I personally think that this can happen in the future.

Unreal Engine 3 — a very powerful AAA-class game engine that developed and supported by Epic Games. UE 3 was used in many popular game titles, including Epic Games own Unreal Tournament 3 and other games from different companies, such as Gears of War, Mass Effect and Bioshock.
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