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Gmail IconSometimes it's necessary or maybe just handy to have multiple email addresses that belongs to one actual account — for example, when you have to register two user profiles on some website but do not want to create additional mail service account for just that ( most websites require unique email for each user and didn't allow to register more that one profile for same address ). Of course it's possible to have two or more email accounts and set mail forwarding to main account for each of them, but why use somewhat difficult way if Gmail provides ability to have multiple addresses for one account?..

I personally have come to such need when decided to keep my twitters ( like this blog ) in two languages — English and Russian. Because I didn't wanted to mess around with absolutely unnecessary for me additional email account I've searched for way to use same account, but with different addresses. And fortunately Google Mail can easily do such a thing!

Hat trick by Gmail

There is three ways to receive multiple email addresses for one Gmail account and have all letters received in one "box". 

1. Using and domains

If you need just two different addresses — you can use different domains of Google Mail service that actually are completely synonymous. In other words, and it's the same and letters sent to them will be delivered to one account. But for other websites this two will look like different addresses, so you can use them for registering two user profiles with ease.

2. Using dots before "@" -

Gmail allows to separate parts of the email "name" before "@" symbol  with dots — thus several variations is possible, like,,, etc. All email sent to them will be delivered correctly — to original For other websites it's same as previous one — such addresses will look unique.

3. Adding additional string with plus symbol -

And finally — most tricky way. By adding additional part with "+someword" before "@" is possible to create innumerable variations of your email address. If your address is like, you can use as it's synonyms something like this:,, — they all are the same.

Furthermore — this way you can identify where sender obtained your email — for example, if you registered on some website with address like and start receiving spam, pointed to that address — obviously that "websitename" leaked your email to spammers.
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