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In the last ten years or somewhat like that video games have trend to become "higher" — higher budgets for development, higher graphics quality, higher content quantity, higher resource requirements, etc. In other words — games as the form of art with every year becomes closer to films, in fact taking place of "interactive films". As result more and more games became so close to big cinema, so inexperienced viewer sometime were unable to tell for sure, is this a game or film?.. Of course, this made games more spectacular and entertaining.

In this topic I suggest you to share your most liked game cinematics, videos, clips and stuff like that — anything that "hooked" you. You can easily insert videos from YouTube in your posts with simple tag:

[video;­xxxxxx] , where xxxxxx — video's ID. Don't forget to replace in tag semicolon to colon ( ; to : ).

In my opinion, Blizzard has very beatiful cinematics — one of the most spectacular in the modern games. World of Warcraft trailers is a masterpiece with no doubt — as one for Wrath of The Lich King, so for Cataclysm.

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Lich King rules!  I have goose bumps every time I watch this cinematic.

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Same here hmm  I personally have weakness for epic and grand stuff, but when there is also a dragon, a sword and corrupted evil ex-hero - I wet my pants from excitement. smile2

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