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As I mentioned before, I use 3d scanner by Artec I've skilled in the scanning process itself, post processing the 3d model. Now I have other difficulty. By using Quixel Suite I can create great textures (actually I'm thinking about switching to Substance Painter), but I would like to understand if it's possible to deal with the texture scanner output. It will be helpful for example with human faces. I know how to bake it from original scan to the final model with proper UV-map, but the thing that it's only one map like merged diffuse, gloss, height. I'd like to know if there are some technique to make separate diffuse map with only color information, I think other maps will be impossible but it's not so difficult to make them manually.

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I'm pretty sure there is. Try Substance Designer — devs added some useful features for scans processing last year. Read their blog to find out what exactly was added.
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Thank you very much.

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