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Hooray, comrades! After more than a week of intensive work and tuning a new cool-looking forum for 3DG.Me Blog is ready! Now our visitors can not only leave comments on blog posts, but also create their own forum topics and start discussions of any subject, ask questions and communicate with other users.

Anonymous commenting on forum topics for unregistered users is available ( for now ), but I highly encourage everyone to register and become a part of 3DG.Me community. Owners of registered account have some advanced possibilities — like robust Subscriptions for Categories and even individual Tags, disabling unnecessary blocks, private messages and support for Signatures and Avatars.

Also I ask to post found bugs, errors and unexpected behavior — unfortunately I wasn't able to do extensive testing of all features and there still can be some configuration errors.

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I'm looking forward to see this forum populated with some game developers and 3d artists, so I can find one or two for my team, heh... Keep it up, you're doing great! ;)

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Thanks, John, I will do my best to attract as many as possible evil 

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